Salesforce in Government, with Casey Coleman

Welcome to the 31st episode of The Ultimate Guide to Partnering. My guest for this episode of the podcast is Casey Coleman, Senior Vice-President of Global Government Solutions at Salesforce. She is responsible for enterprise positioning and solution strategies for government customers worldwide.

Salesforce was at the forefront of business transformation as one of the first pure cloud companies back in 1999. Casey's career has been at the intersection of both government and industry, having led GSA's transformation as its CIO during the Obama administration. At GSA, Casey chaired the Federal CIO Council’s Cloud First committee that developed the FedRAMP standard for cloud cybersecurity.

Casey holds several honors and awards from various organizations, including the Computerworld Premier 100 Award and the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium Award for Leadership in Innovation. She is a three-time winner of the Federal Computer Week Federal 100 Award.

In this episode, we peel back on Casey's role at Salesforce, Salesforce solutions focused in on the government sector, Salesforce as a company, and the amazing DreamForce event taking place in San Francisco in the coming week.

In this episode you'll learn more about:

  • Casey's role leading Government Solutions for Salesforce, one of seven industry markets for the company.
  • What she loves about working for Salesforce and the company's four core values - Growth, Innovation, Quality and Trust.
  • Why customers choose Salesforce as a platform and vendor.
  • What makes a good partner and what challenges she saw driving change with vendors when she was at GSA.
  • The greatest opportunities for continued growth in government.
  • How she is thinking about her first DreamForce event and her keynote.
  • A link to Casey's session at the event here:
  • Her career journey, advice she received getting started and mentors.

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I hope you enjoy this episode!

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