Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program Update with William Lewallen

In my podcast and recent series - Season of Change and Transformation,  I interview leaders from Microsoft on how the recent reorganization is impacting partner engagement for over 300,000 partners to ensure partners stay in lock step with the technology giant.

In this 28th episode, I visit with William Lewallen who leads the Cloud Solution Provider Program in the United States for an encore episode and update on the program for Microsoft's Fiscal Year 2018.

William was an early guest on Episode 5 of Ultimate Guide to Partnering and as a member of the OCP or One Commercial Partner organization he leads the engagement of over 8000 CSP partners for Microsoft's United States subsidiary.

In this encore episode you will learn:

  • Where the CSP Program now sits within OCP - One Commercial Partner Organization.
  • His point of view on the energy level in Bellevue and sense of renewed commitment.
  • Changes and enhancements to Microsoft's Cloud Solution Provider Program since Episode 5.
  • Where he is focused to drive incremental growth for the business.
  • Channel incentive levers that favorably support the program.
  • Where people can learn more about CSP - HERE

You can listen or read the transcript of this episode below.

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I hope you enjoy this episode!

Vince Menzione