Why I'm starting a Podcast...

I've had the good fortune of recently connecting with many friends in the technology industry, and what I hear from Microsoft and other technology companies is the need for a more persistent dialogue "at scale" with the IT partners that sell and deploy their solutions. During this era of rapid digital transformation, products, features and functionality are being released "almost weekly" and partners need to stay alignedenabled and connected.

I've become a big fan of the Podcast format, it allows me to listen to what I want, when I want, and where I want. I thought, "why not a podcast format for partnering, where I could connect and inspire leaders and help "raise the bar" on the art and science of partnering. A podcast that brings an independent perspective and a behind the scenes view of what it takes to drive success and enables both sides to achieve more faster"

Today I'm announcing the "Unofficial Guide to Partnering".

I plan to interview leaders in the industry from Microsoft and other technology companies to inspire the IT partners that support them to better align technology objectivesmarket strategies and connection. I will also feature IT partner and channel organizations that have "gotten it right" and help deconstruct the formulas and strategies they used to win.

I bring an independent voice to partnering and hope to provide a persistent, fast paced and easily consumable format "at scale" to drive better collaboration and technology adoption. My goal is for the Unofficial Guide To Partnering to become both a destination and community of collaboration between contributors and listeners, so listener support and feedback will be keys to success.

You can check out the maiden episode on iTunes, Google Play or on my website unofficialguidetopartnering.com and follow me on Linked In and Facebook at @unofficialguidetopartnering. Look in the coming days for episodes where we interview leaders in the IT Community.

Vince Menzione