How KÜDZOO helps students achieve academic success.

In this episode of the podcast – I go down a different path from partnering with Microsoft and other tech giants – to explore how disruptive technology is positively impacting educational outcomes while expanding my focus on the professional journey to help mentor professionals early in their careers.

My guest for this episode, Logan Cohen is “early in career” and chose the entrepreneurial route over the corporate route after college. She and Co-CEO Trevor Wilkins embarked on a journey to create an app focused on students achieving better gradeshigher attendance and ultimately successful outcomes in life. In this interview, we discuss “partnering” in the broader context of partnerships with technology vendors and sponsors

KÜDZOO is an app that rewards students based on their academic achievements. KÜDZOO serves as a resource for schools to increase student engagement and connects brands with Generation Z through a collaborative, educational lens. After KÜDZOO’s first school year on the national market, over 500,000 students signed up and 280,000 report cards were submitted to the app. EdSurge named KÜDZOO “The Grade-based Bitcoin.”

Logan’s leadership responsibilities include guiding the vision, strategy and ensuring the execution of value creating milestones for KÜDZOO. She received dual degrees in Finance and International Business from Florida International University. Logan was named to Forbes 30 Under 30 in education for the class of 2016, Magic Johnson’s 32 under 32 and CIO’s Top 20 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2017.

In the interview, Logan shared the impetus for starting the company, how 14-16 year old students in West Philadelphia helped inform the concept, and how KÜDZOO got to 700,000 users in two short years. We also discuss partnerships and how that might expand in the future.

As with each of my interviews, we dive into the personal and professional journey for this “early in career” entrepreneur and advice she would give to anyone looking to start a company.

Logan’s Favorite Quote – “Sales Cures All” – this quote is attributed to Mark Cuban.

Favorite Book – “Good Is the New Cool: Market Like You Give a Damn” by Afdhel Aziz. Other books discussed in this episode – “How Google Works“, by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg and “Work Rules!”, by Laszlo Boch.

You can reach Logan Cohen and KUDZOO on Twitter: @KUDZOOApp @LoganECohen and on Instagram: @KUDZOOapp

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