Journey to premier partnerships with Microsoft, Google and Facebook.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Tony Safoian CEO and president of SADA Systems for my Ultimate Guide to Partnering podcast about his journey to premier partnership status with Microsoft, Google and Facebook.

Tony and his family have a remarkable history and journey, emigrating from Soviet Armenia and prospering in the Los Angeles Area. He and his parents have transformed a small, family-owned business into one of the top IT consultancy and cloud services brokerage firms in the US, maintaining premier national partnerships with competing industry giants.

In our interview, Tony speaks to the journey joining his family's small and locally focused IT shop soon after graduate school, then growing it into a premier national partner to Google and Microsoft. In addition, SADA recently launched a new partnership with Facebook focused on the "Workplace" product.

In my interview I specifically ask Tony how he avoids contention running competing practices and the steps he takes to minimize business conflict, while still maintaining premier status with multiple technology giants. Tony also shares his thoughts on the evolution of "cloud" and the emerging opportunities presenting by the aggregation of big data and business insights.

As with each of my interviews, Tony and I spend some time on his personal and professional journey. He shares his thoughts with our listeners on business leadership, diversity in the workplace, personal role models and values.

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