Transforming law enforcement through technology.

This is a very special interview episode of the podcast as my guest is a Microsoft Partner who overcame adversity in his native Argentina to come to the United States, build a business and live an outstanding life.

Today Mariano Delle Donne is the CEO of Adventos, a software company dedicated to applying life-learned virtues of “working smart” and “working efficiently” to law enforcement.

Adventos’ flagship SmartForce system reduces officer risks and agency costs by enabling a more efficient sharing of information (learn more at He and his team have worked with more than 250 public agencies across the U.S., and more than 100 public safety agencies.

In this episode we discuss the organization's transformation from a traditional SI model, to a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) delivering a Software as a Service (SAAS) solution for Law Enforcement - crime reduction and proactive policing targeting the several thousand law enforcement agencies nationwide. We learn more about their compelling value proposition in Law Enforcement, the Public Safety market and the evolution of the cloud and technology to solve for 21st Century public safety and law enforcement.

As with each of my episodes, I spotlight the personal and professional journey and Mariano's story of hope and resilience in addressing adversity is compelling and inspiring.

He grew up in a small town called Villa Regina, in the Rio Negro province of Argentina. As a young teenager, he escaped a life of poverty, eventually enrolling in an exchange program that took him to an elite college preparatory school in South Africa. He excelled as a swimmer while receiving arguably the best academic training in Africa.

Mariano was offered a full-ride athletic scholarship to the University of Denver (DU) in Denver, Colorado. And the story about how he pursued that objective is worth listening. He subsequently became captain of the swim team, a 16-time All American, and was ranked 8th in the nation in the 100 meter backstroke (Division II). At 21 years old, he turned down the opportunity to swim for Argentina in the 2000 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia in order to retain his scholarship, finish his college education, and pursue another passion—developing technology that improves lives.

Mariano’s mission, ultimately, is to be a great husband and father. Today, he is married and has two sons. His family lives in Denver, Colorado and he still swims with his boys…giving them a small head start when they ask, “Come on dad, let’s race!”

  • Favorite Quote (from his wife) - "Don't Get Mad - Get Better".
  • Best piece of advice - "Just Go for It".
  • Best attributes - adaptable, perseverance or sustained effort.
  • Advice to his "25 year old self" - "Relax - don't stress so much". 
  • Personal Billboard, what would you share on it ? - "Father, Husband, Business leader" - he writes this in his personal journal daily to keep himself anchored on his key outcomes - whatever task he looks to achieve.
  • His piece of advice - focus on your outcomes, mightily !
  • His advice on business - Simplify, focus on the business, be mindful of the numbers, focus on the customer and what is important to you and your customer.
  • His must read for partners focused on SaaS: Sales Acceleration Formula.
  • Other book recommendations: "Rules for a Knight", by Ethan Hawke"Power of the Myth", by Joseph Campbell.
  • And one I also love, "Ego is the Enemy", by Ryan Holiday.
  • His must read blog : 

If you'd like to reach Mariano, you can find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Mariano's story is one of transformation and I hope you find this interview and episode to be both informative and inspiring!


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