Grit, determination and personal transformation uncovered.

While I was speaking at the XChange 2017 in Orlando*, I was reminded of the stories of grit, determination and personal transformation of many interview guests.

*I really enjoyed the opportunity to connect with so many great friends and partners at the event and wish to thank Robert DeMarzo, Doris Branscombe and the entire Channel Company team for the opportunity.

This 21st episode is a bit of a milestone or a mid year point for the Ultimate Guide to Partnering. We've built an amazing body of work through the terrific interview guests that I now share broadly in talks with technology organizations to stay better informed, connect and thrive.

This is a "solocast" episode where I share the genesis of the podcast, a unique story of grit, determination and personal transformation, and ask my tribe of listeners for feedback to make this the best podcast on partnering.

So where do we go from here? Please provide your constructive feedback on what you wish to see or hear in future episodes of the Ultimate Guide to Partnering. Do I focus more or less on the grit, determination and personal transformation I uncover in so many of my interviews? Or do I focus more on the mechanics of busienss? It's not good enough that I might like an episode or a particular topic or guest, it's important that it serves you!

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