What it takes...Microsoft's 2017 Dynamics Partner of the Year, with Tony DiBenedetto, CEO of Tribridge a DXC Company.

On this week's 25th episode of the Ultimate Guide to Partnering, my guest is Tony DiBenedetto, the CEO and Co-founder of Tribridge, a DXC company. Tribridge recently won Microsoft's highest honor as the 2017 Dynamics Partner of the Year. Several of my friends in the industry recommended Tony as an interview guest and he didn't disappoint.

Tony's career is pretty amazing. A few highlights include 30 years of experience in the technology industry, the recipient of numerous leadership awards, including the Ernst & Young Florida Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and induction in the Florida State University College of Business Hall of Fame. Recently CRN Magazine ranked him among the top 25 technology disruptors in the country.

Tony co-founded Tribridge in 1998 and led the company through the successful acquisition and integration of several companies, resulting in a compounded annual growth rate of over 40% each year. Under his guidance, Tribridge has grown from a start-up to one of the leading technology companies in the United States and Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year status.

Tony and I had a really great conversation on Tribridge's journey to premier status with Microsoft, some of Tribridge's successful solution areas, where he sees the business moving forward now as part of DXC, his secret sauce in partnering with Microsoft and his professional journey.

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