Intermedia's integrated business cloud, a case for partners.

This interview episode of the Ultimate Guide to Partnering was recorded onsite at the XChange2017 event in Orlando where I had the chance to sit down with a former colleague Eric Martorano. Eric is now the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) of Intermedia, a one stop provider of solutions for the business cloud and a premier Microsoft Partner.

Eric is responsible for sales and strategic partnerships across the globe. He brings to this role over 20 years experience in the industry, deep expertise in working closely and strategically with a range of customers and partners, and his passion for customer and partner success.

Martorano has been recognized as a top industry performer, including being named to CRN’s “Top 100 Executives” and “Channel Maverick” lists, among others. 

In this interview Eric takes our partner listeners through Intermedia's unique business cloud value proposition for both customers and partners. If you are a partner trying to determine how to best monetize business cloud offerings in this age of rapid digital transformation, you may find Intermedia's partner-centric model and business cloud focus very compelling.

As with many of my interviews, I found Eric's personal story of transformation to be very compelling. His is a story of grit and determination to overcome failure and to reinvent himself, ultimately leading to a highly successful career in technology.

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