A Cloud for Global Good.

On Episode 45 of my podcast, I discussed the work Microsoft is doing with partners through its Voice For Innovation program to support technology policies and included a discussion on the framework developed by Microsoft – A Cloud for Global Good, that outlines a series of initiative and recommendations around a trusted cloud, a responsible cloud and an inclusive cloud.

In this episode, I’m sharing the unabridged version of an interview that I recorded with Owen Larter, Microsoft’s Senior Manager for Global Government Affairs. The interview was so good and impactful that I wanted to share it fully with you here.

We as leaders have the opportunity to step up our engagement and play a role to ensure the technology that we are creating and advancing ultimately serves the greater good and that lawmakers better understand both the power of technology and the potential threats. This has become abundantly clear as we all learn more about the challenges and consequences we face when digital privacy and security are compromised.

My ask is simple, join me to stay informed. There are links below to learn more about the framework Owen and I discuss here and access a digital copy of the book, A Cloud For Global Good. You can also learn more about Voices for Innovation and reach out directly through the show notes.

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