Capitalize on the Digital Transformation Opportunity

For this special series of the podcast, leading up to Microsoft Inspire, I interview leaders from Microsoft's One Commercial Partner team to discuss the work that their teams are doing in this age of rapid digital transformation.

My guest for this episode of the podcast is Melissa Mulholland - Melissa is the worldwide lead driving strategy and business development for how businesses can be profitable in the Cloud. Specifically, Melissa is focused on enabling partners and customers to accelerate their business transformation in the Cloud delivering increased profitability, efficiency, and scale across Microsoft's Cloud services.

In this episode Melissa and I discuss her work consulting with Microsoft Patners to transform their businesses – the amazing body of work she and the team have produced to help partner capitilze on the digital transformation opportunity - her career journey - and what’s in store for partners at Microsoft Inspire, July 15 to the 19th in Las Vegas, NV.

If you are coming to Inspire, please join me in the Commons Theater on Wednesday, July 18th at 2:30 for a special session where I’ll share “What they don’t teach working with Microsoft”.

Links to the content we discussed:

The Digital Transformation Opportunity eBook Series

Inspire Session:

How to reach Melissa :

Transcript of the Interview -

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This episode of the podcast is sponsored by Cloud Wave Partners, LLC, helping technology companies connect and thrive in the rapid age of digital transformation.

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